QMol Conference 2017 2017-09-10 16:00:00

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Start:Sunday, 10 September 2017Time:16:00
End:Thursday, 14 September 2017Time:17:00
Category: Events supported by SCS

Operating Quantum States enim in Atoms and anim Molecules at Surfaces.

The et technology and science dolor concerned with the aliquip reproducible manufacturing and probing ullamco of quantum architectures Duis of individual atomic anim and molecular units Lorem on surfaces is gaining elit, speed. This is Lorem due, on the incididunt one hand, to dolor recent experimental breakthroughs in fugiat this field and, consequat. on the other fugiat hand, to increasing ullamco demand from other research deserunt areas, in particular incididunt from quantum technology. The nisi conference will gather dolore the growing scientific proident, community in this velit field, which bridges several ipsum areas of physics, ullamco chemistry, and materials commodo science.

Venue: Monte Verità
Prof. Harald Brune, EPFL
Prof. Pietro Gambardella, ETH Zurich
Prof. Silvio Decurtins, University of Bern
Prof. Thomas Jung, PSI
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Website: https://www.qmol.ch
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