SCS Science Awards

Paracelsus Prize

  • CHF 20 000 and medal in gold
  • awarded to an internationally outstanding scientist for his/her lifetime achievements in chemical research

Werner Prize

  • CHF 10'000 and medal in bronze
  • awarded to a promising young scientist for outstanding independent chemical research

Sandmeyer Award

  • CHF 10'000 for individuals or CHF 20'000 for groups
  • awarded to a person or to a group for outstanding work in industrial or applied chemistry

SCS Industrial Science Awards

  • awards on three career levels with cash checks of CHF 7'000, 10'000 and 15'000
  • honor active industrial scientiscts working in Switzerland for their outstanding contributions in industrial R&D

Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize

  • CHF 5'000
  • awarded to a promising young scientist for outstanding independent research in photochemistry, photo physics or molecular photobiology

Clariant CleanTech Award

  • CHF 5'000 for the winner and CHF 5'000 for runners-up
  • awarded to Master students, PhD students, and Postdocs in Switzerland in the field of Sustainable Chemistry

Balmer Prize

  • CHF 2'000 for individuals and CHF 2'000 for the school’s chemistry department or CHF 3'000 for a group and CHF 1'000 for the school’s chemistry department
  • awarded to a teacher working in Switzerland at high school (gymnasium) level for innovation in chemistry teaching

Dr. Max Lüthi Award

  • CHF 1'000 and medal in bronze
  • presented for an outstanding diploma thesis in Chemistry conducted at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences

Simon-Widmer Award

  • CHF 5'000
  • honors distingished scientists for their contribution to analytical science and the education of analytical scientists


  • CHF 5'000
  • honors outstanding contribution to the field of metrology in chemistry and/or biology

Honorary Members